About us

SOLO Art Institute is an endeavor from Colección SOLO, an international arts project that aims to foster, support, and share the artwork of today. 

SOLO seeks to generate dialogue and experimentation in the field of art, projects to which it now incorporates training with SOLO Art Institute.

Driven by a desire to stimulate experimentation in art, knowledge, and innovation, Colección SOLO has launched SOLO Art Institute. Its extensive experience in all aspects of visual arts, ranging from production to exhibition or communication campaigns, endows the SOLO Art Institute with a forward-thinking vision of the global art scene. 

Thanks to Colección SOLO comprehensive and holistic approach, the courses at SOLO Art Institute feature artists, art experts, and a broad spectrum of professionals who are active and significant contributors in their respective artistic and professional fields. This enhances the value of learning and exploration in our courses and seminars.

Colección Solo runs a wide variety of arts-support projects and is housed at Espacio SOLO, a museum which shows the collection’s holdings through different temporary exhibitions.

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