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This educational initiative represents one of the numerous projects within the Colección SOLO portfolio.

March 2024 :: Legal Challenges in Artistic Creation with AI

Intensive course addressing the legal challenges posed by AI in the cultural sphere, led by expert lawyer Marta Suárez-Mansilla

In this seminar, we explored the fascinating intersection between art and artificial intelligence, and the legal complexities that arise in this constantly evolving territory. The intersection of art and artificial intelligence affects numerous disciplines, and its implications extend far beyond the issues easily identified within the realm of copyright. From analyzing open cases in the United States to anticipating future European regulation, we examined the legal challenges posed by this exciting field. The purpose was to provide an overview of the applicable regulatory framework, focusing on those aspects that affect artistic creation. We explored how the intersection of art and AI is shaping new legal and ethical questions, and how these issues are being addressed both nationally and internationally. Finally, we opened the floor to debate, discussing whether the law was prepared for these changes.


January 2023 :: Course ART  +  IA (4h)

New Challenges for Creativity

The course «ART + AI: New Challenges for Creativity» provided a dynamic and intensive examination of the integration of artificial intelligence into artistic and cultural creation. This edition had students attending in person at the Espacio SOLO auditorium, and for those who couldn’t attend in person, the course was also available online.


October 2023 :: Course ART  +  IA (24h)

Tools, Challenges and Opportunities with AI in Creative Industries

The first course took place in October 2023. «ART+IA» was a keen examination of the key points of AI art, such as its history, development, types and applications, and an exciting review of successful in-house case studies.

The 24h onsite course was driven by skilled lecturers with proven experience in different fields of AI Art.


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Colección SOLO’s extensive expertise in all facets of the visual arts, spanning from production to exhibition and communication campaigns, endows SOLO Art Institute with a distinctive perspective on the global artistic landscape.

Thanks to this comprehensive approach, SOLO Art Institute’s courses feature artists, art experts, and a diverse array of professionals who are prominent and active in their respective fields, bringing significant value to our courses and seminars.

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