Course ART +  AI

Tools, Challenges and Opportunities with AI in Creative Industries

You can expect from our AI ART course a keen examination of the key points of AI art, such as its history, development, types and applications, and an exciting review of successful in-house case studies.

The course will be driven by skilled lecturers with proven experience in different fields of AI Art. Come and discover how to support the AI Artists career and how to produce AI Art; understand the legal frame and its uncertainties; open a discussion from a philosophical perspective; and analyze the worth and its market impact, from the curatorial perspective of Colección SOLO.

Upon end of the course, a completion diploma accredited by Colección SOLO will be awarded as recognition of your successful participation.

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732 €(VAT included)

-Fully booked-

20th October –
18th November

Fridays 6pm- 8pm GMT +1

Saturdays 10am-2pm GMT +1

24 hours

On location course
(no streaming available)

Espacio SOLO. Madrid, Spain


Presentation Ceremony
18th November 2023


  1. Introduction to AI Art 
    1.1. Introduction to Art with Artificial Intelligence and the Role of AI in the Art World
    1.2. The History of AI Art and its Evolution
    1.3. Types of AI Art: AI Artists and their Works
  2. Human and Computational Creativity
    2.1. Human Creativity in the Era of AI
    2.2. Art and Cybernetics in the Fourth Era of the Image
  3. Creating AI Art
    3.1. Introduction to AI Art Principles
    3.2. Tools and Techniques for Creating AI Art
    3.3. Practical Guidelines for Artistic Creation with AI
    3.4. Case Study: Ulyss3s
    3.5. AI Art: From Idea to Museum
  4. Analyzing AI art
    4.1. Criteria for Evaluating AI Art
    4.2. Ethical and Legal Implications of AI Art
    4.3. Panel Discussion: Ethical and Legal Implications in AI Art
  5. The Future of Art through AI
    5.1. The potential Impact of AI Art on the Art Market
    5.2. Case Study: Bnomio
    5.3. The Future of AI Art: Challenges and Opportunities
Espacio SOLO Museum Auditorium