Legal Challenges in AI-driven Artistic Creation

Intensive course addressing the legal challenges posed by AI in the cultural sphere, taught by expert lawyer Marta Suarez-Mansilla

In this seminar, we will explore the fascinating intersection between art and artificial intelligence, and the legal complexities that arise in this constantly evolving territory. The intersection between art and artificial intelligence affects numerous disciplines, and its implications go far beyond the issues that are easily identified in the sphere of copyright. From the analysis of open cases in the United States to the anticipation of future European regulation, we will examine the legal challenges posed by this exciting field. The purpose is to offer an overview of the applicable regulatory framework, focusing on those aspects that affect artistic creation. We will explore how the intersection between art and AI is shaping new legal and ethical questions, and how these issues are being addressed both nationally and internationally. And, finally, we will open the floor to debate. Is the law prepared for these changes?


120 €(VAT inc.)



March 21st, 2024

Thursday 18:30h- 21h

2.5 hours


Espacio SOLO

Madrid, Spain


Digital Diploma 



  1. Does AI work the same in all disciplines?
    With current examples and an analysis of the fields where it has more insertion.
  2. Art + AI: beyond copyright
    The protection of personal data, honor, one’s own image, and industrial property can also be affected.
  3. How and with what does an AI learn?
    Massive access to content protected by copyright or industrial property. Web scraping and data mining.
  4. Determining the human role in the use of AI as a creation tool: originality, creativity, and intellectual work.
    Typical problems that can arise both in the conception of the works and in the outputs generated with AI.
  5. Works created with AI and their protection.
    Recent cases of requests for registration of works created with AI.
  6. The ecosystem of rules that deal with AI. How does this affect creators?
    Situation map of the AI Act proposal (known as the Artificial Intelligence Act) and its European legal framework.
Espacio SOLO Museum Auditorium