Terms of Use

1. Site Ownership
In accordance with the Spanish Information Society Services and E-Commerce Law, the company SOLO Contemporary S.L.U. (hereinafter referred to as “COLECCIONSOLO”), owner of the website www.soloartinstitute.com, hereby states its company details to be as follows:
Full company name: SOLO Contemporary S.L.U.
Company registration number: B-87311189
Registered address: Avenida del Valle, 38, 28003, Madrid
To contact us, email (info@espaciosolo.com) or telephone+34 091 0534207.

2. General Terms of Use
2.1. Access and use of the website www.soloartinstitute.com, together with all the subdomains and directories contained within it (hereinafter, the “Website”) are subject to the terms set out in the present Legal Notice and in the Policy on Data Protection and Cookies. In particular, the Website includes, for the purposes of this Legal Notice, any information visualised, made available and/or transmitted (including, but not limited to texts, commentary, news, music clips, sounds, image clips, images, databases, multimedia products, photographs [of artworks and, in particular, of paintings and the authors of said works], artistic interpretations or performances, productions and, in general, any other creations or content expressed by any means and/or tangible or intangible device currently in use or invented in the future, whether or not protected by current legislation on intellectual or industrial property or analogue rights — collectively considered as “Content”) which, as selected or made available, constitutes an intellectual creation protectable in accordance with Article 12 of the Revised Text of the Intellectual Property Law.
2.2. Any access, use or browsing of the present Website or its Content implies the acceptance of the terms set out in this Legal Notice. The user accepts, expressly and without exception, sole and exclusive responsibility for access and use of the present Website and its Content toward COLECCIONSOLO and any third party. Access to this Website is free of charge and web visitors can visualise and use the site without subscribing, registering or contracting any services from COLECCIONSOLO.
2.3. The User is obliged to use Website responsibly and correctly. The User agrees not to use the Website: (a) to carry out any illegal or immoral action contrary to accepted custom or in violation of public order and (b) to any end or in any way which is illicit, prohibited or detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties. COLECCIONSOLO will not be held liable for damages caused by inappropriate use of this Website.
2.4. The User is prohibited from altering this Website in any way which might affect its content, links or similar.

3. Links
3.1. All links, hypertext, framing or any other kind of virtual connection via telecommunications networks from any other website to our Website should be requested in advance and authorised by COLECCIONSOLO in writing; failing that, all links to this Website should connect directly with its home page.
3.2. Links to third party websites are purely indicative, aimed at providing the user other sources of information which may be of interest to them. COLECCIONSOLO does not exercise any control over said webpages or websites, nor is liable for their content. COLECCIONSOLO does not accept any kind of direct or indirect liability for the lawfulness, veracity, usefulness, quality or reliability of the contents and / or services which are not directly managed by these linked sites, although they may be accessible through the present Website.
3.3 COLECCIONSOLO endeavours periodically to review the content of the links contained on its Website. However, it is impossible to maintain full and up-to-date knowledge of all linked content. Consequently, COLECCIONSOLO requests that any user who accesses linked content and finds it to be contrary to current legislation, morality or public order, advise us of such to the following email address: (info@soloartinstitute.com)

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property
4.1. COLECCIONSOLO reserves the industrial and intellectual property rights to this Website, its visual appearance, graphic design and other sensory stimuli contained within the pages that comprise the Website; the navigation architecture; the source codes for the web pages; photographs, recordings, computer programmes, databases, technology, know-how, brands, distinguishing features and logos.
4.2. The User acknowledges and accepts that COLECCIONSOLO neither concedes nor transfers to the User any rights to the Website, its Content, brands or other distinctive features that appear therein, including those owned by third parties. COLECCIONSOLO only authorises access and use in accordance with the terms established in this Legal Notice. Specifically, COLECCIONSOLO authorises Users to access and browse the Website and view its Content for personal use. All commercial or illicit use is prohibited. COLECCIONSOLO expressly reserves all intellectual property rights.
4.3. COLECCIONSOLO holds the exclusive rights to exploit the Content in any way and, in particular, the right to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate (in any media) and transform the Content. Non-authorised use of the information contained in this Website, or its Content, or any breach of COLECCIONSOLO’s intellectual or industrial property rights will result in legal action being taken.

5. Disclaimer of Liability
5.1. Except where specifically indicated in the present Terms of Use, the User expressly acknowledges and accepts that COLECCIONSOLO does not provide any guarantee of any nature with respect to the Website Content, or the Website itself, save where the Law expressly states otherwise, and in such event, only and exclusively to the extent covered by legislation.
5.2. COLECCIONSOLO is not responsible for the opinions expressed by third parties using the tools made available, either now or in the future, on the Website; nor is it liable for the content of websites linked through said tools.
5.3. COLECCIONSOLO is not responsible for possible security breaches or the damage they may cause to the User’s IT system (hardware and software), or the files and documents stored therein, as a result of viruses in the device used to connect to the Website Content and services, errors in the web browser system or the use of systems which have not been updated. COLECCIONSOLO does not guarantee that this Website and its content are updated and free of errors although every effort will be made to ensure that it remains updated and that possible errors are avoided or resolved.
5.4. COLECCIONSOLO is not responsible for damage and / or prejudice of any kind which the User or a third party may suffer as a result of: (i) ineffective Website access, maintenance or functioning; (ii) the Website, services or Content not meeting the User’s needs or expectations in terms of usefulness, veracity, appropriateness or validity; (iii) a third party which, by breaching the established security measures, uses the Website, its Content or services to spread a virus or gain unauthorised access to stored data; (iv) in general, any use of the Website, its services and / or Content by a third party in breach of the terms and conditions of use established herein.

6. Amendment, Suspension and Cancellation
COLECCIONSOLO reserves the right to amend or update the information contained on its Website, and its configuration or appearance, at any time and without prior notice. Likewise, it reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Website, without prior notice, should the need arise or in order to carry out maintenance, repairs or improvements.
COLECCIONSOLO reserves the right, at its exclusive discretion, to include or withdraw information, either partially or totally, from the Website.

7. Personal Data Protection
Personal data is not gathered by COLECCIONSOLO when users access and use this Website. However, users are advised that, should COLECCIONSOLO request personal information, they will be duly informed of such in accordance with the General Law on Data Protection and other relevant data protection legislation.
Personal data gathered by COLECCIONSOLO in the different forms contained on this Website will be used to respond to Users’ requests (specifically, to book a visit to the collection), to maintain any relationship established with the User, and for management, administration, information gathering and improvement of the services Users may decide to contract.
For more detailed information on Data Protection, please access our Privacy Policy.
COLECCIONSOLO has taken the technical and organisational measures required to guarantee data security and avoid any unauthorised amendments, loss, handling or access, taking into account the current state of technology, the nature of the data stored, and the risks to which this data is exposed by virtue of human action or the physical or natural environment.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
To resolve any matter or dispute arising from the use of this Website, COLECCIONSOLO and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that could apply, accept Spanish Law as the governing legislation for these Terms of Use and agree to the jurisdiction of the Madrid Courts and Tribunals (Spain) for the resolution of any legal action or dispute which may arise, except where a mandatory rule establishes different governing law or jurisdiction.