Elena Carbajal

Elena Carbajal

Currently, she is a member of the Onkaos team at Colección SOLO, a dedicated space for digital art and new media. Specializing in the philosophy of technology, digital culture, and new media art, she has honed her expertise in these domains.

A Philosophy graduate from the University of Oviedo, and holding a Master’s in Theory and Critique of Culture from UC3M, she has directed her academic pursuits towards researching and exploring the intersections of philosophy, technology, and art.

Her interests in speculative design, the materiality of new media, and mediation concerning the concepts of interface and infrastructure are pivotal aspects of her investigations. Additionally, she tackles contemporary issues such as planetary computing, artificial intelligence, and the distinctive practices of digital culture.

Her contribution to the team reflects a commitment to innovation and a profound understanding of the dynamics between philosophy and technology in the context of contemporary art.